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  • E287TL
  • E287TH
  • E540HL-10 High Temperature Accelerometer
  • MSI3000 MIMU
  • MSV1000 Accelerometer
  • MSV3000-series Triaxial Accelerometer
  • Echelon Series
  • E1004Charge Amplifier


Engine Test

Airborne Vibration Pressure Monitoring (Flight control  & Micro-vibration measurement)

Flight Control (Flutter,Aeroelasticity,Environmental Control System,Navigation attitude)

Ground Structure Test (Stength, Fatigue,Modal)

Dynamic Pressure Measurement (Flow Flied,Surface Pressure Distribution,aerodynamic force)

Wind Tunnel Test (High Speed, Low Speed, NVH)



Structure Strength, Fatigue, Modal, Lifttime

Armor Penetration (High Impact Measurement,Destrutive Test)

Transmission system health monitoring and fault diagnosis

Safety monitoring (overload)

Airborne testing (inertial guidance, launch, ballistic testing, movement analysis)

Micro vibration measurement (platform testing, modal)



Structure strength, Modal Test, NVH, Lifetime Measurement

Comfort Testing & Evaluation

aerodynamic test of train £¨Pressure Distribution, Tunnel aerodynamic studies,Operated Aerodynamic force test,Internal and external dynamic pressure test)

Trains and rail safety evaluation (Vibration, Shock, Aeridynamic measurement)

Automotive Safety Test and Evaluation (Vehicle Crash, Airbag, Comfort)

Auto & Spare part structure mode, NVH, Aerodynamic test, Fatigue Test£©


Transmission system vibration monitoring (Health monitoring and fault diagnosis)

Rotor dynamics research (bearing vibration,displacement monitoring, Axis trajectory analysis,fault diagnosis)

Motor and drive system remote monitoring (Vibration, impact detection, warning)

Special high and low temperature,vibration of the strong electromagnetic environment,Impact, pressure measurement and research

Strength of the structure and vibration modal analysis


General Vibration Test & Analysis

Impact analysis and the calibration measurement

High and low temperature vibration measurement and calibration

Ultra-low frequency, small g value micro vibration measurement and analysis

Special environment of dynamic pressure and temperature measurement

Modal analysis, Impact analysis

High-low temperature vibration calibration

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